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Beauty is Power and Power is Beautiful

How true do you think this statement is? Examine the evidence, then form an opinion giving reasons for your decision.

You will be examining evidence from a number of sources including photographs, the internet and people around you. You will be sharing your findings with your teacher and the students from other countries.


If you are an educator and want your students to join this this wiki e-mail me

If you want to find out more about inquiry-based learning then check out the Inquiring Mind website.

This wiki was developed as part of a collaborative project at the Microsoft Innovative Teachers' Conference held in Cambodia in 2007. The participating teachers were:

Jan-Marie Kellow, New Zealand

Seiji Yokoyama , Japan

Md Rezaur Rahman Akonjee, Bangladesh

Robert Griffin, Canada

Nor Jannah Hassan, Malaysia

Nguyen Thi Anh Dao - Vietnam